You’ve looked at your roof, and the sight does not look good. The color is gone, some shingles are missing, there are tons of granules in your gutters, leaks are becoming more frequent, and the whole roof looks worn. It is time for you to get your roof replaced.

When having your roof replaced you want to talk to at least three different roofing companies to make certain you get a great deal by a great company. Well, how exactly can you differentiate between the good roofers and the great roofers? Let’s look at questions you should be asking your roofer before you hire them to replace the roof.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Roofer

• How Long Have You Been in Operation?
The average lifespan of a roofing company is only five years. You want to hire a roofer that has plenty of years in operation, so you’re certain they will be around should something go wrong on your roof.

• Are You Registered with the Local BBB?
If any prospective roofers aren’t registered with your local Better Business Bureau, move on to the next one. For example if you were browsing Denver roofing companies, you’d look to the Denver / Boulder chapter of the BBB.

• Are You Certified in the Materials You Install?
Roofing material manufacturers offer certifications and tests on the right way to install their shingles or other roofing materials. Make certain your roofer is certified by the manufacturer for the best possible outcome on the job. Examples include Master Elite status for GAF, or a Preferred Contractor of Owens Corning.

• What Type of Warranty Do You Provide?
You want your roofer to offer at least a 5-year workmanship warranty. It is not too common for a roofer to certify a roof for more than five years, so be sure you get at least those five years.

• Do You Offer Free Insurance Claims Assistance?
Working with your insurance company during a roof repair or replacement can be a bigger headache than the actual roofing job. If your reroof is part of an insurance claim, only hire a roofer that offers free insurance assistance to make your life much easier.

If any potential roofing companies give you the “right” answers to these questions, they are likely a surefire pick. Use these questions, reviews, ratings, and your best judgment to help find the perfect roofer for your next roof repair or replacement.

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