You woke up to what sounds like an airplane dropping giant marbles on your home. It’s not marbles, it’s hail, and this storm is doing a number on your roof. When the storm passes you know it’s time to get on the phone to have someone look at your totaled roof.

A roof repair or replacement is a big job, so you must be careful that you don’t overpay or underpay and have a terrible job done. All roof replacements start with an estimate, so should you stick with your normal roofer or just should you call around? What kind of variation will there be in roofing prices?

Why You Should Get Multiple Roofing Estimates for Your Home

Unless there is only one roofing company within 100 miles of your home, you should be getting multiple estimates on your roof repair or replacement.

The number one reason to get multiple estimates is simply to ensure you’re getting the best deal, but there’s more to it than that. Let’s look at things to consider when reviewing your estimates.

Look for Even Ground

When your receive and compile your different estimates, many roofing companies will be in the same neighborhood price-wise. If a price is much higher than the others, you can put it away – there’s no sense in paying higher than you need to. However, you should avoid rock-bottom prices too. Very low prices are used by less-than-reputable companies, and rock bottom prices either mean they are desperate for your business (never a good thing) or they don’t know what they’re doing. In areas where hail is frequent, these types of deals are prevalent among storm-chasers, but it’s still best to go local – if you have a Denver roofing job, you want a Denver roofer. No matter the appeal, you should not go with a roofer whose prices are much lower than other competitors.

Estimates and Insurance

If insurance is paying for your roof repair or replacement there won’t be too much price-shopping as many roofers will simply do your job from the amount provided by insurance. You should still shop these companies around and make certain they can guarantee to do the job for the same amount as insurance is paying, what their policy is if they go over that estimate, and if they’ll help supplement for extra cash if necessary.

To be a savvy consumer and get the best contractor you want to get at least three estimates on your roof. Look for prices that aren’t too high or low, and double-check that any roofer working with your insurance can guarantee you to stay within insurance’s budget. With these tools at your side, you will get a great roofing job done, at a great price.

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