When hiring any contractor you have two basic choices. Do you go with the big-box contractor with the fancy painted trucks, or should you stick with a locally owned and operated company? There are some projects that won’t have a large impact on your home, so you shouldn’t be too worried about whom you hire. There are also some projects where local is definitely better, such as roof repairs or replacements.

It is always a great idea to choose a local contractor when looking for a roofer, so if you live in Denver or the Denver metro, you want to find a Denver roofing company. It’s not too difficult to find any plain-Jane Denver roofing company, but where are the good ones hiding? Let’s look at 3 different techniques you can use to find the best roofers in Denver.

How to Find Roofing Companies

Contractor Guides

Most major cities have at least one or several local contractor guides, and so does Denver. There are a few different guides in the Denver metro such as Team Dave Logan or ReferralList.com that are packed with plenty of great (and local) contractors. Contractors have to demonstrate excellent customer service and must have certain years of service under their belt before making it to one of these contractor guides.

Review and Ratings Sites

Review and ratings sites like Google Reviews, Yelp, and Angie’s List may be nationwide, but they still have some local flair. You can localize your searches with these review sites to concentrate your efforts on Denver roofers. Reviews and ratings can give you an insight into how a contractor operates that is hard to find anywhere else.

Personal Referrals

There is no better recommendation than the personal referral. If you’ve lived in Denver for just a few years you’ll know that hail and other environmental factors like to chaos with our roofs so chances are your neighbors or family have had to have their Denver roofs repaired or replaced. Ask around your neighborhood to see who others have chosen and what they thought about their experience.

Great and local Denver roofing companies are out there, you just need to know where to look. Try Denver contractor guides, ratings and review sites, as well as asking others for referrals. With these 3 tools on your side you’ll be certain to hire the best Denver roofing companies out there.

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