You woke up to what sounds like an airplane dropping giant marbles on your home. It’s not marbles, it’s hail, and this storm is doing a number on your roof. When the storm passes you know it’s time to get on the phone to have someone look at your totaled roof. A roof repair or replacement is a big job, so you must be careful that you don’t overpay or

Your home’s roof can make up a large portion of your home’s look and feel. With that knowledge, you want to pick a shingle that matches the character or look of your home while also doing its primary job of keeping your home protected. There are many different types of asphalt shingles available, but if you want a look that will take your home to the next level, you should

You’ve looked at your roof, and the sight does not look good. The color is gone, some shingles are missing, there are tons of granules in your gutters, leaks are becoming more frequent, and the whole roof looks worn. It is time for you to get your roof replaced. When having your roof replaced you want to talk to at least three different roofing companies to make certain you get